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Matters of Substance August 2009 contents

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Cover Story - Alcohol in our lives: Travelling to a better place

The Law Commission has spent the last year gathering information about the extent of New Zealand's alcohol problems. Stage one of its liquor review is now complete, and it's time for public debate on potential solutions.

Counting the cost

The BERL report has put the social cost of alcohol and drug misuse at nearly $7b per annum, but there are those who say the report has got things terribly wrong.

Tackling sport's alcohol culture

New Zealanders play hard, and all too often they drink hard. Can anything be done to mend our boozy sporting ways?

It's our loss

Lianne Dalziel on what the Liquor licensing Authority said about loss-leading.



Making sense of Mexico's drug wars

Sanji Gunesekara writes about the political, economic and social background to Mexico's violent and bloody drug wars.



The Director's Cut

The Law Commission's liquor review presents a wonderful opportunity for constructive debate. it's time for New Zealand to get talking.

Guest Editorial - Let's offer treatment!

Michael Bird challenges the treatment sector to stop its navel gaing and start moving forward. He presents a 12-point plan to get things underway.

Opinion - It's time for the facts to get in the way of a good story

Liz Read, corporate Affairs Director of Lion Nathan, says it's wrong to blame the alcohol industry for New Zealand's binge drinking woes.

Research Update - Driving High: findings from the Great New Zealand Drug-Driving Survey

The results are in. What do kiwis think they know about drugs and driving?

Mythbusters - Busting alcohol policy myths

In this Mythbusters special, we counter some of the current myths about alcohol policy, by seeing what the evidence really says.

Mythbusters - Blown away: Defeating the breathylser

We take a look at various theories on how to mask your alcoholic breath when your asked to blow in the bag.