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Matters of Substance August 2010

Monday, August 30, 2010

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Cover story

The minor issue of social supply

Young people today face extreme pressure to drink, and under current law, there are few restrictions over who can supply alcohol to minors. Rob Zorn investigates how Law Commission proposals could help both kids and parents.



Campus crackdown

Is the University of Otago's student alcohol crisis its marketing chickens coming home to roost? Or is it just a local sympton of a wider social problem?

Youth leadership on alcohol

Missing from recent media headlines is the significant number of young people working for alcohol culture change. We profile community-level activities of young people.

Experience, Insight, Hope.

Two brand new websites have been launched this month sharing New Zealand stories about drugs and change.

When drugs and music overlap

Recent research from Berkeley suggests there may be some truth to stereotypical associations between drugs and music people choose.



The Director's Cut

Ross Bell says the Drug Foundation's just-launched DrugHelp websites are a key component of the governemnt's drug demand reduction programme.

Guest editorial - Worse than cure

Release's Niamh Eastwood warns that Project Prevention, a controversial sterilisation programme for people addicted to drugs, is far from the humanitarian charity it claims to be.

Opinion - Youth are part of the solution

Debate about youth drinking has been under the spotlight lately. Sarah Helm argues that, while youth may be part of the problem, they will also play a vital role in bringing about positive change.

Mythbusters - Smoke dope and become one?

Comparing media hype about cannabis use and academic performance with what the research actually says suggests some journalists suffer from premature evaluation.