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Matters of Substance May 2010

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Matters of Substance May 2010

Cover story

Its your turn to shout
What's it really like out there? Our cover story is a series of short peices by those who deal daily with New Zealand's love affair with the bottle. Keri Welham talks to those at the coal face about New Zealanders' relationships with alcohol and the damage it visits upon their communities.


We're on your side
The death of a close friend made Black Power member Denis O'Reilly re-evaluate his own methamphetamine use. This is the story of one man's fight against P within a gang environment.

Big tobacco hires whaling guy to astroturf
Is the Association of Community Retailers really a grass roots group of mum and dad corner dairy owners? Or is there some 'jiggery-smokery' going on behind the scenes?

The slow death of the ACMD
For the last decade, the UK's Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs has been opposed or ignored by sucessive governmnets. Jeremy Sare explains how this unfortunate body has been reduced to a shadow of its former self.

Moving on MODA: a proposed new approach to personal possession
The Drug Foundation outlines its views on rebalancing our drugs laws to give due weight to reducing demand and minimising harm.


The Director's Cut
Drug Foundation executive director challenges the Governments rejection of an alcohol excise tax increase. They did it for baccy, why not for booze?

Guest editorial - Drug Policy under Obama: substance beyond the rhetoric?
Is America's war on drugs approach softening under Obama? Allan Clear reckons the jury's still out, though hopeful statements have been made.

Mythbusters - Does alcohol make you fat?
Studies indicate that how alcohol affects your waistline may depend on your age, sex, location, weight, health, social status, profession or all or none of the above... maybe.