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Matters of Substance November 2011

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Cover story

The little community clinic that could

It may be small and operating out of a makeshift office on the fringe of a devastated city, but don't be fooled. A formal evaluation suggests the Christchurch Hepatitis C Community Clinic has a thing or two to show the world.


Searching for solutions - an interview with Tom McLellan

We caught up with the Deputy Drug Czar to the Obama administration when he visited New Zealand in September. He's forgotton more than most of us will ever know about addiction, treatment and recovery.

As seen on TV - popular culture and the legalisation of drugs

Popular TV shows like Boardwalk Empire and The Wire seem to be making a veiled case for legalisation. Do such shows represent a general softening of hardline stances on the war on drugs?

Let's get serious

The media delights in stories about drugged-up celebrities at the expense of reporting on the real face of human addiction. Who better to lead the charge for a more serious approach than a real life Kennedy?

Where everybody knows you're nameless - a history of Narcotics Anonymous in New Zealand

Keri Welham looks at how Narcotics Anonymous has developed in New Zealand - from its faltering beginnings under James K Baxter in the 60s to the successes of the present.


The Directors Cut

Ross Bell challenges the media's coverage of addiction.

Opinion - A second look at prohibition

So you've always thought prohibition was an absolute failure and ample evidence that a punitive approach to drug control will never work. Kevin Sabet suggests things might not be that simple and that prohibition deserves another look.

Guest Editorial - A new language for the children

Many the world over warm to the combative words of drug control policies in the belief the war on drugs will help protect their children. But Nayeli Urquiza suggests it is this very rhetoric that makes children more likely to suffer at the hands of the state.

Viewpoints - Should Maori wardens have special powers to remove drunk Maori from bars?

Institutionalised racism or a praiseworthy Maori initiative? Viewpoints presents the arguments on both sides of the Maori wardens' special powers debate.

Mythbusters - Death by withdrawal

Can the symptoms of alcohol withdrawal be bad enough to kill you, as the family of Amy Winehouse claimed? Mythbusters talked to the experts to find out.