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Half-fast-febfast (say that 10 times quickly)

Release Date: 
Tuesday, February 14, 2012

With Valentines Day out of the way and February half over there is still time to do a half-fast-FebFast, FebFast Coordinator Catherine Milburn said today.

“You can have your glass of bubbly tonight over a romantic dinner and then give your body a break from the booze for the rest of the month,” Ms Milburn said.

“This is a great event to be involved with and we know from past experience that participants get a lot out of FebFast. Some people tell us they lost a bit of weight, they felt alert, or they saved money, and so on.

“Half-way through February is not too late to start FebFast, although it will be a bit half-fast.

“February is the shortest month of the year, even with Leap Year this time round, and it’s a good opportunity to press pause on our drinking so we can think about what we want for the year ahead.”

To date, FebFasters have raised almost $50,000 dollars for youth alcohol and drug services across the country. “There is still heaps of time to smash last year’s record of raising over $107,000,” Ms Milburn said.

“So spread the Valentine’s love and help raise money for Febfast.”

FebFast recipient organisations this year are:

  • Evolve (Wellington), a free service for young people in Wellington
  • The ADHD Association, which also provides substance abuse support
  • Rainbow Youth (Auckland)
  • CareNZ (Waikato), which provides addiction services