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The Drug Foundation is committed to reducing and preventing the harms caused by drugs in New Zealand. This includes harms caused by legal drugs, such as tobacco and alcohol, as well as illegal drugs, such as cannabis.

Our commitment to reducing drug harm includes moderation in the use of alcohol and ensuring that any illicit drugs, if used, are used safely.

We focus on advocating for policies and services that build a healthy society where there is the least possible harm from drug use.

We recognise that drugs, legal and illegal, are a part of everyday life experience. Harms drugs can cause to individuals and families include injury, disease, personal and financial problems and a reduced quality of life. Harms to society include unsafe communities, increased need for law enforcement, and high health and economic costs.

All efforts to control or reduce the harm from drugs must be evidence-based, socially just and maintain the rights of individuals and the aspirations of communities.


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