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Here’s where you can find and download images to share with people you care about during COVID-19 Alerts Levels.

These images were created to help people cope with effects of alcohol and other drug use while in lockdown by giving some helpful tips and advice, and can continue to be shared to help support others as we move through alert levels.

 Some things to consider when sharing these images:

  • Be positive and strength-based. For example, focus on aroha, connectedness, and being your #bestbubble
  • Make it easier for people to think honestly about their alcohol and other drug use by avoiding shaming or stigmatising language. For example, use ‘people who use drugs’, instead of ‘addict’.  
  • Encourage people to reach out to friends, whānau, support networks or professionals if they need extra support.  
  • Make it local. You could add the contact details of local help services that you know are still up and running (check healthpoint.co.nz).  

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