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In response to the synthetic cannabinoid crisis, the Drug Foundation established a community of practice in mid-2018. This community of practice included a range of organisations across New Zealand who had contact with people using synthetic cannabinoids. The purpose of bringing these organisations together was to gather insights from people using synthetic cannabinoids and work together to identify community responses to harm.

Since early 2019, we have expanded the community of practice to over 80 people from 33 health organisations across New Zealand. The community of practice shares trends about drug harm, supports members to plan innovative responses to acute drug harm in their community and helps them put these plans into action. Responses include regional crisis response services, tailored local wrap-around holistic care and community mobilisation.

We are currently working together to develop a community response manual to acute drug harm that will outline what we learnt, case studies, and the evidence that guided our actions.

Getting involved

If you are working in the addictions sector and would like to be involved in this kaupapa, please email Emily Hughes, Programme Lead, for more information: emily.hughes@drugfoundation.org.nz


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