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Make Living Sober a part of your cache of options for immediate and ongoing peer support to people struggling with alcohol using our free printed Living Sober resources.

A montage made from images of the printed Living Sober brief advice flip card.
Wallet sized brief advice cards about alcohol

Finish a conversation about alcohol use by offering, either on its own or with other materials, a dicreet wallet-sized Living Sober takeaway. The flip card on one side outlines the features of the Living Sober online community, the other side offers brief advice that may be helpful when alcohol use is high.

2019 LS poster montage
Living Sober posters about people like me

Our elegant poster series is intended for health settings such as health service staff rooms, client waiting rooms, meeting areas and offices. The posters highlight the features of Living Sober with an image depicting the kinds of everyday New Zealanders who access the community daily.

LS straw conference activation montage
Health and environment conscious straws

Offer people a Living Sober straw to give them a health promoting and environmentally conscious experience as part of what you do. Supplied free to any health or community service or event you may be running - big or small. Made from FSC certified materials.

Alone or together, use Living Sober printed resources to offer people seeking you advice an option which could be ideal for them. Go to our Resources page to submit an order form. At present, Living Sober straws may be requested by email. To order straws, or if you have any questions about our resources or about Living Sober, contact us.


Living Sober is operated by the NZ Drug Foundation with support from Matua Raki and is part funded by the Health Promotion Agency.

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