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Problems with substances start early - half of all New Zealanders with a substance dependence issue were already dependent by the time they were 19. 

At your school

Every student will make a decision whether or not to use alcohol and other drugs.

Many students will try alcohol and other drugs.

Some students will suffer short-term harms.

A few students will develop long-term problems.


Here are some facts taken from Youth 2012, a large national secondary school survey

Most alcohol consumption starts during secondary school years

Cannabis is the most common illegal drug, but regular use is uncommon

Other drug use is very uncommon

Some secondary school students will experience problems from substance use

Many at-risk students do not view their drug-use as a problem

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Whole school approach

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Starting a conversation

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Drug Index

We believe that access to accurate, clear information is essential to reduce drug-related harm. This index provides harm reduction advice for drugs that are common in New Zealand.

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Online support resource if you or someone you care about is struggling with drug use

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Talk drugs with young people

Did You Know helps you talk with a young person about drugs -- videos, posters and conversation starter.

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