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car plane landscape

Future drugs

All around the world, things are rapidly changing. There are signs the War on Drugs may be running out of steam, new technologies promise ne......

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thumbnail emergency response

Responding in an emergency

The newness and number of synthetics mean that there are not substance-specific clinical pathways, however, general first aid helps....

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MoS Nov 2018 thumbnail synthetics

Getting real about synthetics

Naomi Arnold takes another look at our alarming death rate from synthetic cannabinoids and at some real-world responses from people working ......

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synthetic highs

Synthetic solutions: the global response to ‘legal’ highs

In country after country a vast array of new psychoactive substances, rapidly spread via online sources, is causing havoc for law and policy......

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thumbnail talking to people

Talking to people using synthetics

If someone is around people using synthetics or already using them, they need information about safer use and how to access help....

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aug 2012 bizarre behaviour

Bizarre behaviour

Bath salts. Police and media keep blaming them for bizarre behaviour. But, as
 Russell Brown writes, perhaps they need also to have a look a......

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nov 2012 early warning

Early warning system

Danger, Will Robinson! Danger! A new drug has emerged. Unlike Lost in Space, we don’t have an early warning system for emerging synthetic dr......

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mos oct 2017 we should have known

We should have known

The recent extraordinary spate of 20 deaths linked with synthetic cannabinoid use could have been avoided. Russell Brown talked with those w......

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Blow up mushroom at the Big Day Out

If it’s not true to label, then what are people taking?

With the summer festival circuit over for another year, some people will be looking back on a close shave they had as a result of using drug......

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thumbnail community response

Community responses to incidents

How to set up a community response group to co-ordinate any actions relating to a synthetic drug incidents...

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mos oct 2017 white heroin sold to tourists

Without warning

New Zealand has little in the way of a drug early warning system for emerging substances and usage trends. Rob Zorn summarises the issues an......

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Arid, drought-ridden desert, cannabis plant

Dry times

As well as marking the end of Lent, Easter weekend traditionally marks the beginning of the cannabis harvest in New Zealand. In the weeks le......

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'Synthetic cannabis': primer

To get to grips with the tragic situation following reported deaths caused by consumption of unknown drugs, we have answered the key questio......

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psychoactive substances packages

Psychoactive Substances Act 101

A world-leading piece of legislation has been passed in New Zealand to regulate new psychoactive substances. What is it all about, how does ......

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k2 not cannabis

Fake it till you make it

It looks like cannabis, it has cannabis in the name, but is synthetic cannabis really cannabis? James Robinson investigates the health effec......

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Ben new psychoactive substances video

Keep calm and keep to the facts about novel synthetic substances

Dear media: In the stampede to get the story out first, please check your facts....

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alpha pvp

About a drug: Alpha-PVP

Alpha-pyrrolidinovalerophenone - also known as alpha-PVP, gravel, flakka or niff - is one of a number of recreational drugs in the 'bath sal......

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thumbnail synthetics overview

Synthetics Crisis

Over 40 people have died from synthetic drugs in the past year. We see this as a public health crisis, which requires an urgent response....

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NBOMe n-bomb psychadelic

About a drug: NBOMe

While LSD is often painted as the psychedelic equivalent of a tie-die t-shirt, the new, nefarious n-bomb is portrayed as a potent potion of ......

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mos march 2018 stuck in limbo thumbnail

Stuck in limbo

20 deaths and still no meaningful action: Why is the Government still doing nothing about the synthetics crisis?...

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Urgent response to drug deaths: accurate information is vital

The NZ Drug Foundation is calling on the NZ Police to release test results for substances suspected of leading to deaths of eight people in ......

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Amnesty period needed for 'legal high' possession

Police should hold off prosecuting people for possession of psychoactive products for the next six months, the New Zealand Drug Foundation u......

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Use powers in existing law says Drug Foundation

The announcement of changes to the Psychoactive Substances Act to remove currently approved ‘legal highs' from sale is disappointing due to ......

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Op-ed: Law change a comedown for legal high industry

Novel psychoactive substances first appeared in 2001, since then governments have repeatedly failed in attempts to ban this problem away bec......

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International symposium to address fake pot

Questions about what exactly is synthetic cannabis and the latest research on pot imitations will be addressed at the New Zealand Drug Found......

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ALERT: spike in synthetic cannabis in the Hawke's Bay

An alert has been issued today for residents in Hawke's Bay, after a synthetic cannabinoid linked to deaths overseas was detected in the reg......

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Dunne slays party pill hydra

New regulations for synthetic drugs announced today will help move New Zealand’s obsolete drug law into the 21st century the New Zealand Dru......

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Opinion - Synthetic cannabis

It’s a glaring and obvious anomaly that substances like cannabis are illegal in New Zealand while “synthetic cannabis” – that has much the s......

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Drug Foundation urges moratorium and independent analysis of new party pills

On the eve of the BZP party pill ban, the New Zealand Drug Foundation has called for a voluntary moratorium on sales of all new non-BZP part......

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Know Your Stuff 35

Summer alert: It looks like MDMA but it's not

There’s a new drug on the scene at festivals, and it's NOT Ecstasy...

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prison bars2

Getting tough on dealers

Simeon Brown has introduced an amendment to the Psychoactive Substances Act. Here's why it's not the answer...

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Let’s take the ambulance to the top of the cliff

Not MDMA - the public needs to be warned about Nethylpentylone...

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Don't delay acting on synthetic cannabinoids

Winston Peters warns Government officials to take urgent action to stop further deaths from synthetic drugs...

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synthetics update thumbnail

Urgent synthetics response underway

The Drug Foundation is teaming up with over a dozen organisations to support the Ministry of Health in developing a coordinated response to ......

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Synthetics drugs crisis prompts petition calling for boost to health support

A petition calling on the Prime Minister to back up her call to treat drug use as a health issue is live now. Please sign!...

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Government action on synthetics drugs crisis applauded

The Government’s response to synthetic drug deaths is welcomed by the Drug Foundation. This is an important step towards treating drug use a......

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Misuse of Drugs amendment: A temporary fix while we address the real problem

MPs are currently hearing public submissions on a potentially significant change to our drug law - the Misuse of Drugs Amendment Bill. Here'......

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graph thumb

Festival drug checking trial: Summary of results

During the 2016/2017 summer festival season, we helped community group KnowYourStuffNZ offer free drug testing to more than three hundred fe......

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Psychoactive Substances Bill welcomed

The New Zealand Drug Foundation welcomes the introduction of the Psychoactive Substances Bill, New Zealand Drug Foundation Executive Directo......

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dyk synthetics web thumbnail


Synthetic psychoactive substances often have very unpleasant effects, and none of them have been tested as safe. How to start a conversation......

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Hooray for healthy drug law

The passing of world leading legislation on new psychoactive substances takes New Zealand a big step closer to healthy drug law, the New Zea......

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did you know synthetics web thumbnail

Did You Know: The facts about synthetics

Our new Did You Know video and poster explain what synthetic psychoactive substances are, why they are so unpredictable and dangerous, and h......

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Legal high law almost there

The New Zealand Drug Foundation today made its submission to the Health Select Committee on the Psychoactive Substances Bill saying it was a......

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Drug Policy Briefing to the Incoming Parliament 2014

The Briefing to the Incoming Parliament (BIP), a policy brief prepared by the Drug Foundation for all parliamentarians, was publicly release......

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Drugs in bars thumbnail

Drugs in Bars

Information for New Zealand alcohol licensees and managers about the law and how to reduce drug problems through good policies, processes, r......

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Synthetic cathinones

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spectrometer lores

Festival drug checking: Trying to save lives

The drug checking team will be back doing the rounds at music festivals this summer, practicing harm reduction and trying to save lives....

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Calling for submissions on the Misuse of Drugs Amendment Bill

Synthetic drugs have been linked to more than 65 deaths, so we are encouraging people to make a submission on the upcoming Misuse of Drugs A......

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talk with young people web thumbnail

New animation explains what every young person needs to know about methamphetamine

New Did You Know education resources for having a conversation about alcohol and other drugs are now available....

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Briefing to the Incoming Parliament 2017

In December 2017 all MPs were sent a comprehensive briefing setting out drug policy priorities for the next three years. Download the full r......

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Research links cannabis use with psychosis

Chronic cannabis use in early adolescence can make some people up to 11 times more likely to develop schizophrenia, the New Zealand Drug Fou......

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Cannabis is a preparation of the Cannabis Sativa plant that is used as a drug and medicine....

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MoS march 2019 thumbnail synthetics2

Matters of Substance

Our regular Matters of Substance magazine is one way we share the best writing on drug policy and practice based on the best evidence availa......

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MoS November 2012 cover thumbnail

Matters of Substance - November 2012

In my humble opinion, Palmerston North District Court Judge Barbara Morris got it wrong when she sentenced Billy McKee to 12 months’ home de......

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police badge

Our ‘psycho’ psychoactive substances legislation

New Zealand’s Psychoactive Substances Act has been described as world leading and incredibly innovative. But during 2014, public moral apopl......

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drug checking thumbnail

Festival-goers more informed - and more cautious

KnowYourStuffNZ have analysed results from drug checking they offered at several festivals around NZ over the summer. Read a summary of the ......

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MoS November 2014 cover thumbnail

Matters of Substance - November 2014

The Drug Foundation's Executive Director Ross Bell questions whether the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act has achieved any harm reduction...

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q station

Drug policy talk at Q Station, Sydney

Being sequestered at an abandoned quarantine station in Manly provided the perfect location for some deep thinking about drug policy researc......

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Abstract design - brave new world

Opinion: A brave, new drug policy

The National Drug Policy 2015-2020 is finally out. How does it stack up? Drug Foundation Principal Policy Advisor Andrew Zielinski looks at ......

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MoS march 2019 thumbnail regulation

Regulating cannabis - a challenge we are more than up to

Cannabis legalisation is often presented as a yes/no question - but in reality, there are countless policy options....

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Medicinal cannabis bill should take account of Māori traditional healing

The place of Māori traditional healing and the use of medicinal cannabis products ought to be considered by the medicinal cannabis amendment......

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Getting the facts out is overdue

The tragic deaths in Auckland that were likely caused by new synthetic drugs is a wake up call....

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jacinda ardern tumbnail

It’s about more than a referendum

A shift to a health-focused way of dealing with drugs in New Zealand is expected to accelerate under the new Labour-led government....

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Opinion: Don't freak out over changing drug laws

Kiwis should have another look at their drug laws, writes Ross Bell, Drug Foundation executive director...

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mos may 2016 cover page

Matters of Substance - May 2016

The Drug Foundation's Ross Bell calls bullshit on the current hysteria about meth-contaminated houses....

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MoS May 2008 cover thumbnail

Matters of Substance - May 2008

Drug Foundation Director Ross Bell introduces the May issue suggesting that the International Narcotics Control Board has its priorities wro......

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MoS May 2007 cover thumbnail

Matters of Substance - May 2007

Introduction to this issue, and comment on international drug policy....

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MoS May 2011 cover thumbnail

Matters of Substance - May 2011

The Law Commission has made 144 recommendations to government for drug law reform. Ross Bell explains why the government must adopt them all......

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MoS May 2010 cover thumbnail

Matters of Substance - May 2010

Drug Foundation executive director challenges the Governments rejection of an alcohol excise tax increase. They did it for baccy, why not fo......

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MoS May 2009 cover thumbnail

Matters of Substance - May 2009

Drug Policy leaders weighed in the balance and found wanting....

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MoS May 2012 cover thumbnail

Matters of Substance - May 2012

The question of how best to manage the proliferation of new substances, such as synthetic cannabinoids and party pills, was answered with th......

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MoS May 2013 cover thumbnail

Matters of Substance - May 2013

Some very interesting new survey data on New Zealanders’ drinking habits were released last month to surprisingly little fanfare....

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MoS May 2014 cover page

Matters of Substance - May 2014

Those of us living in Wellington, New Zealand’s political hotbed, are rightly accused of speaking our own language....

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MoS May 2015 cover thumbnail

Matters of Substance - May 2015

"You don't reject the death penalty because the criminals are decent people. You reject the death penalty because you are decent people.” – ......

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whole school approach web banner

Whole School Approach

To effectively ensure young people can thrive in a world where drugs exist, a Whole Schools approach is being promoted....

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MoS February 2016 cover thumbnail

Matters of Substance - February 2016

Since 2009, the government has had a $63 million windfall of cash and assets forfeited under proceeds of crime law, half of which is attribu......

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MoS july 2017 cover thumbnail

Matters of Substance - July 2017

In the July 2017 issue of our magazine we introduce Whakawātea te Huarahi, hit the road in the USA, hear from Johann Hari, and more....

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MoS march 2017 cover thumbnail

Matters of Substance - March 2017

In the March 2017 edition, we examine some new police initiatives aimed at reducing drug crime recidivism and increasing community engagemen......

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MoS Nov16 cover

Matters of Substance - November 2016

It's been a big year, with some major milestones in drug policy world. Much has been achieved, but challenges a plenty remain explains Execu......

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MoS August 2016 cover

Matters of Substance - August 2016

The Drug Foundation's Executive Director Ross Bell says drug law reform is no longer the political poisoned chalice it once was....

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MoS August 2011 cover thumbnail

Matters of Substance - August 2011

The Alcohol Reform Bill, back from the select committee, will bring the most sweeping changes to hit the hospitality industry in 20 years....

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MoS November 2008 cover thumbnail

Matters of Substance - November 2008

Election debates have been dominated by the economy, but the significant cost benefits of improved drug policy appear yet again to have been......

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MoS August 2008 cover

Matters of Substance - August 2008

Drug Foundation Director Ross Bell introduces the August issue by welcoming the prime minister to the alcohol debate at last....

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MoS February 2012 cover thumbnail

Matters of Substance - February 2012

I’ve just had one of the best weeks of my eight years with the Drug Foundation. I’m buzzing, I’m inspired, and I’m just a wee bit star struc......

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MoS February 2008 cover thumbnail

Matters of Substance - February 2008

Drug Foundation Director Ross Bell introduces the February issue by discussing recent Australian drug policy and the warning its failure hol......

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MoS November 2007 cover thumbnail

Matters of Substance - November 2007

Introduction to this special edition, and comment on the review of New Zealand's drug law....

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MoS August 2007 cover

Matters of Substance - August 2007

Introduction to this issue, and comment on criminal justice....

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MoS February 2007 cover thumbnail

Matters of Substance - February 2007

Drug Foundation Executive Director Ross Bell welcomes you to the first new look Matters of Substance quarterly....

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MoS February 2009 cover thumbnail

Matters of Substance - February 2009

Ross Bell argues that progressive drug law reform is needed to reduce barriers to people needing help....

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MoS February 2011 cover thumbnail

Matters of Substance - February 2011

Executive Director Ross Bell describes how stonewalling of Bolivian coca leaf law reform shows zero-tolerance is alive and well at the UN....

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MoS November 2010 cover thumbnail

Matters of Substance - November 2010

Executive Director Ross Bell considers public response to proposed liquor law changes, and argues there is real opportunity to move the gove......

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MoS August 2010 cover thumbnail

Matters of Substance - August 2010

Ross Bell says the Drug Foundation's just-launched DrugHelp websites are a key component of the governemnt's drug demand reduction programme......

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MoS February 2010 cover thumbnail

Matters of Substance - February 2010

Executive Director Ross Bell introduces this issue by commending the Law Commission on a "considered, balanced and comprehensive review" on ......

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MoS November 2009 cover thumbnail

Matters of Substance - November 2009

The media may have focused entirely on pseudoephedrine, but there's a whole lot more to the government's new meth plan. $22m for treatment i......

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MoS August 2009 cover

Matters of Substance - August 2009

The Law Commission's liquor review presents a wonderful opportunity for constructive debate. it's time for New Zealand to get talking....

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MoS November 2011 cover thumbnail

Matters of Substance - November 2011

President Bill Clinton warned, “Never pick a fight with people who buy ink by the barrel”. That’s good advice; making an enemy of the media ......

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MoS August 2013 cover

Matters of Substance - August 2013

"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. ”...

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MoS February 2013 cover thumbnail

Matters of Substance - February 2013

I’m not convinced cannabis deserves all the attention it gets. When it comes to drug policy reform, shouldn’t we be looking at all substance......

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MoS August 2012 cover thumbnail

Matters of Substance - August 2012

I have to admit I feel absolute despair every time a young New Zealander dies trying to get high on solvents and gases....

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MoS November 2013 cover thumbnail

Matters of Substance - November 2013

Something amazing happened in Wellington in August. A group of 100 people representing more than 60 diverse organisations came together to d......

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Responding in an emergency

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Community responses to incidents

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