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Students should be equipped to live in a world where alcohol and other drugs exist. That's why keeping young people engaged in learning is one of our key priorities.

Schools are a cornerstone of a child's healthy development. The protective factor a school environment gives to a young person is well understood and proven. In fact, a young person's engagement in education and connection to their school is one of the most important protective factors in their life. Yet when it comes to drug issues, schools continue to remove students from this protective environment instead of support them. Alcohol and other drug use remains one of the most common reasons used by schools to suspend, exclude or expel students.

We are supporting schools to address substance issues through their curriculum and at a policy level, while avoiding the damaging effects of stand-downs and exclusions. The NZ Drug Foundation works with the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health, Health Promotion Agency, service providers and schools to give students, parents and caregivers the best, most up-to-date, evidence-based information and methods.

Our programmes involving young people include the Tūturu pilot and developing targeted messaging about alcohol and other drugs using Peer Crowds methodology.

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Is your school preparing students for a world where drugs exist?

Tūturu supports schools to implement a whole school approach to alcohol and drug issues while linking with local services to prepare students for life out in the World.


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Did You Know: Teenagers can handle facts about drugs

Young people are more likely to delay or not use alcohol or other drugs if they know the facts about specific substances. Use our age-appropriate tools to start conversations with whānau and your young person.

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