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This article is over 3 years old
MethHelp booklet

Using methamphetamine? Worried about someone else’s use? We have updated the popular MethHelp handbook and produced a new MethHelp poster.

People who use methamphetamine are often blamed for everything going wrong in society. We rarely talk about the reality of the drug, why people use it, the impacts, and how to cut back or stop using.

Our MethHelp handbook, based on real-life experiences, has been updated for a 2017 audience. It comes with a new A3 poster, and together they aim to call out the dehumanising hysteria which isolates people who run into problems using methamphetamine in New Zealand.

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MethHelp was designed to help people regain control over their lives. It doesn’t judge, it offers practical tips with a fresh focus to reduce harm. Importantly, it doesn’t assume a person is ready to make dramatic change. Instead, it offers advice on how to reduce harm if continuing to use methamphetamine, while being mindful about how much and how often someone uses, and being prepared to make changes early. We think it could really help.

A recent evaluation survey returned positive feedback. One comment, from a treatment provider who works with remand prisoners, said it was a great way to start conversations. “For those who are not ready to consider giving up, the information on using meth safely in the book is received well.”

The overall message is that if meth is causing problems in someone’s life, they shouldn’t feel they’re on their own. “There are many ways to reduce the impact of meth in your life.”

Printed copies of the MethHelp poster and handbook are available for order from our Resources page.


methhelp poster
This article is over 3 years old
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