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Click the CC button to see subtitles in English, Samoan or Tongan when you watch Did You Know on YouTube.

E ao ona leai se fa’aogaina e sefe mai ai lou soifua, taumafai e faaoga pea nei ata vili e fai ma ta’iala e malamalama atili ai ile mataupu lea ma faatalatalanoaina le tele o auga ma lapataiga e uiga i le fa’aogaina o vaila’au fa’asaina.

We're proud to announce that our popular Did You Know tools are now available in Samoan and Tongan. In addition to Te Reo Māori, Chinese and English; Did You know is the most widely translated set of resources about drugs in New Zealand since ever! 

Did You Know helps whānau have those important conversations about alcohol and other drugs. It provides honest, fact-packed tools for parents and caregivers to give their child or young person which could help them choose to delay their alcohol and drug use.

Did You Know YouTube video showing closed captions in Samoan and Tongan
It's easy to show closed caption subtitles in YouTube.

Check out the Did You Know landing page to see the complete series of tools to help families talk about drugs. Did You Know includes a video and comic for each common drug in New Zealand - alcohol, cannabis, methamphetamine, synthetics, and huffing.

On each drug page, you can watch a video and read a comic containing important facts to share with your young person to help them decide not to use these substances in the future. Choose to watch each video with either Te Reo Māori or English narration. In the English version of each video, turn on or off subtitles in English, Samoan or Tongan.

The comic strips can be viewed in Te Reo Māori, Chinese, Samoan, Tongan or English. But the best bit is you can ask us to send you any of our multi-lingual posters beautifully printed for your wall - Just fill-out the order form on our Resources page!

Big shout out to Le Va for providing us with the Samoan and Tongan translations - we couldn't have done it without you! 

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Did You Know

Conversation tools for parents, caregivers and youth workers to help your young person make safer decisions about drugs

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