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Date published: 19th November 2017 | Type: News

Did you know posters all 2

Did You Know comic strips for any young person about alcohol and common drugs

If you're regularly talking with teenagers and young people, it can be difficult knowing what to tell them about drugs. It's important to realise that every teenager will make a decision about whether to use drugs, and you can help by equipping them with the key information they need.

Every young person will decide whether to use alcohol or drugs

Did You Know videos and posters

Suitable for all young people, Did You Know is a series of short animations and comic strips containing the key facts about alcohol and common drugs. Did You Know contains useful tools for planning a conversation with a young person you know or work with, and each video or poster highlights three key harm minimisation tips for that substance.  

• Alcohol
• Cannabis
• Volatile Substances
• Methamphetamine
• Synthetic Psychoactive Substances

Watch the videos at and order the printed comic strip posters and booklet with conversation planner from our Resources  page. Youth services can host the Did You Know microsite on their own website. Preview the microsite at and contact  us if you're interested.  

Photo of Did You Know booklet and pocket card resources

Did You Know booklet and Brief Advice Pocket Cards

Many young people try alcohol or drugs

Brief Advice Pocket Cards

Designed for young people who are using or considering using alcohol or other drugs, these pocket cards were made in partnership with Werry Workforce Whāraurau. This is an ideal takeaway that complements the brief advice component of the SACS ABC screening being rolled out in primary care throughout New Zealand. They contain information about what to expect if using, how to be safer and what to look out for. They are best used following a conversation with a young person who is currently using or is likely to use.

Designed for a broad audience

  • Alcohol (relevant for all young people) 
  • Cannabis (relevant for all young people)

Designed for people using these substances

  • LSD
  • MDMA
  • Methamphetamine
  • Synthetic Psychoactive Substances
  • Safer Partying

Substances Overview Poster

Get a wall chart containing a useful summary of drug and harm minimisation tips suitable for young people. Post it around your office or clinic as a quick reference guide for staff working with young people.

Some young people experience short term harm from their use

Some young people are using drugs more than once and will benefit from harm minimisation information that helps avoid dependence.. These resources encourage self-reflection while giving helpful tips on how to make changes.
 drughelp logo colour

DrugHelp includes information that can help someone reflect on their drug use, consider change and next steps. The site also features videos of people sharing their stories of change.

MethHelp logo on white

MethHelp, which is part of DrugHelp, offers additional tools and videos for meth users. The 2017 handbook, MethHelp: How to Stay in Control can also be ordered.

pothelp logo colour.png

PotHelp offers cannabis users 14 interactive actions with videos to help them reflect on their use and make changes if they wish. The PotHelp Workbook can also be ordered.


A few will develop long term problems

A relatively small number of young people will experience serious harm or long-term problems from their use of alcohol or other drugs. We hope that these resources will help identify potential problems early on. Secondary addiction services are well placed to deliver support for young people experiencing long term problems. Services close to you can be found at

Order resources for your organisation now. For information about SACS ABC screening and e-training contact Michelle Fowler on

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Did You Know helps you talk with a young person about drugs -- videos, posters and conversation starter.

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