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We are living in extraordinary times. The covid-19 public health emergency brings challenges for us all. But remember, we’re all in this together – which means we have each other to call on.

The Drug Foundation team is up and running around Aotearoa. We’re working through the lockdown period from our newly set-up desks in Auckland, Paraparaumu, Masterton, Wellington and Dunedin. We'll do our bit to offer whatever help we can to you and your loved ones.

Over the next four weeks at home, some people may choose to take a break from alcohol and other drug use, while others may use more. These patterns of use can be long lasting.

We are passionate about reducing drug harm, and our team of experts in harm reduction, prevention, and social marketing are working alongside other organisations to get helpful information out to those people who need it. We will need your help to share this information.

The impacts of alcohol and drug use on ourselves and others are different while we are at home in lockdown, so we’ve created a dedicated Covid-19 web page. We’ll be this page updated with accurate and relevant public health information. Read more here

Our work on the cannabis referendum will continue in a low-key way. From what we know, the 2020 election and referenda will still go ahead. In the weeks ahead, maybe you’ll find some time for conversations about why legalisation is the best way to control cannabis in Aotearoa.

To stay in touch, check our facebook page.

We’re not going anywhere. Our team will continue to work – as best we can – towards our vision of an Aotearoa New Zealand free from drug harm. As Stacey Morrison put it: kia haumaru te noho! Stay safe!

Here are some resources we think you’ll find useful:


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