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Reshaping New Zealand's alcohol and other drug policy

The Wellington Declaration was the collective wisdom of 67 organisations, alongside people who use drugs, affected family and whānau, Māori and Pacific people, young people, educators, health professionals and community advocates. The Drug Foundation convened the group over two days in 2013 to collaboratively develop a document to contribute to the refresh of the National Drug Policy.   

The Declaration was developed through a consensus process with a strong emphasis on evidence-based solutions and finding common ground on important issues. It prioritised rebalancing the three pillars of New Zealand’s drug policy - demand reduction, harm reduction and supply control - towards a health and social approach.   The people at the summit committed themselves to working together, and with the government, to tackle New Zealand’s drug issues; advocating for humane, just and effective responses to reduce drug-related harm. 

The Declaration has four key planks:

Re-orientate to a health approach

Invest in prevention

Enhance harm reduction

Increase access to treatment

Download the full Wellington Declaration

WellingtonDeclaration ( PDF 508kb )


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