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The third edition of our annual report on how New Zealand is dealing with alcohol and other drugs was published in December 2020.

As well as helping us understand where we should be focusing our attention, State of the Nation is intended to provide a backdrop against which we can assess the impact of any policy changes. 

The 2020 report uses information compiled from publicly available statistics and OIA requests. It's designed to help us take stock and provide a benchmark to assess whether recent reforms are delivering on their promises.

Rates of harmful alcohol use remain of concern in New Zealand, and cannabis use is rising - but tobacco use is going down. Methamphetamine use remained relatively steady across the population as a whole last year, though huge increases in border seizures in 2019 were cause for concern. It's also noteworthy that waste-water testing showed a substantial increase in the quantity of MDMA consumed in New Zealand during 2019.

Download State of the Nation 2020 here:

State of the Nation 2020 ( PDF 1.8mb )


Key facts from State of the Nation 2020

This is our third State of the Nation report. You can download the previous editions here:


State of the Nation 2018 ( PDF 5.4mb )

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