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The Health Select Committee is currently hearing submissions on the Misuse of Drugs (Medicinal Cannabis) Amendment Bill. Here are tips on submitting and the key issues that need to be addressed.

The Bill allows the government to set regulations for quality standards for the manufacture, import or supply of medicinal cannabis products.

The Bill also gives a legal defence to terminally ill patients who use cannabis. This is presumably intended to act as a compassionate ’stop-gap’ measure. Terminally ill people will not be criminalised if they continue to use cannabis while we wait for affordable and accessible medicinal cannabis products to be developed.

We will be submitting to the Health Select Committee and we hope you will too.

It is especially important the Select Committee hears real stories from real people, particularly patients, carers, whānau, health professionals and advocates.

How to do a written submission

Consider also doing an oral submission

Think carefully about what information you share

Here are some key things to think about commenting on in your submission.

It is important to tell your story in your submission. If you want to go into a bit more detail on the contents of the bill, here are some things you may want to comment on.

A regulatory scheme will be set up, but the bill provides no information on how this will look

The statutory defence only applies to terminal patients themselves, not their support people

Patients with other conditions, including severe pain, aren't covered by the defence

The statutory defence lets patients obtain or consume cannabis, but not cultivate it

CBD will no longer be a controlled drug

Medical Cannabis Awareness New Zealand have published a 'Comprehensive Solution for 2018 and Beyond' for rolling out medicinal cannabis which might be helpful.

We are running submission training workshops.

We'll be hosting some workshops in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch starting 27 February, to discuss the Bill and guide people on how to make an effective submission. If you cannot attend these workshops, there will be a webinar and online updates. Find out more and register for a workshop

Please contact us if you want to discuss anything or need help with your submission.

Ready to send your submission?

Select Committees now prefer to receive submissions electronically. Upload your submission file on the Parliamentary website

The closing date: 21 Mar 2018 NZ Time. 

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