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The most recent government statistics show that overall numbers of people who use methamphetamine in New Zealand have remained relatively consistent in the past five years. 0.8% of New Zealanders (31,000 people) used the drug once or more in 2016/17. Around one fifth of those took the drug monthly or more, according to 2013/14 data. Anecdotal evidence suggests methamphetamine use is more concentrated in some communities than others.

Although overall usage of methamphetamine remains low at a population level, misuse of the drug remains a serious concern, particularly in some communities.

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Practical advice for homeowners and landlords

Worried about meth contamination? Should you test for meth resudue, and what if a test comes up positive? And what does it mean for your insurance?

News: Lessons must be learnt from meth report

The report into HNZ’s response to "methamphetamine contamination" contains hard lessons for the government and its agencies. The harms caused by HNZ’s zero tolerance policy were more widespread than previously thought.

News: Methamphetamine testing reset: where are we at?

The release by the Prime Minister’s Chief Science Advisor's methamphetamine contamination report has set off a flurry of reactions and responses. See what is next and how New Zealand can muddle through the meth myth mess.

Article: Poor Foundations - testing homes for meth gone awry

2016: Across New Zealand, tenants are losing their homes and possessions – or receiving debilitating bills – because their houses are found to be meth contaminated. Russell Brown looks at a poorly informed phenomenon of near hysteria that is putting vulnerable people out onto the street.


 Boarded up HNZ Greys Ave flats in Auckland

Poor Foundations - testing homes for meth gone awry


Video: Getting a grip on the meth problem

Watch a Drug Foundation seminar about methamphetamine by Matt Noffs, CEO of the Noffs Foundation and author of Breaking the Ice.

Getting a grip on the meth problem - Speaker and Soup session, NZ Drug Foundation, 2016


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