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Understanding young people is a fundamental for promoting their wellbeing. Too often, young people are seen as a homogeneous group based on their age and sometime further defined by gender, sex, or ethnicity. This approach does not account for anything more about who they are, who they identify with, and what really matters to them. During a life-stage when identity development and "fitting in" is at its most prominent, using a more youth-relevant methodology that can stratify by identity is crucial to understand how to best support young people.

Peer crowd discovery is a new and exciting approach that uses the affiliation and identification that young people have with their 'peer crowds' (groups that represent the shared values, styles, norms, preferences, and behaviours) to tailor social marketing campaigns and other interventions to improve wellbeing.

In 2016, a group of health and social support organisations worked together with Rescue Agency to identify teenage (13 - 17) and young adult (18 - 24) peer crowds in New Zealand, and explore how hazardous alcohol use compared between these crowds.

This research is being used inform a range of youth focused projects and updates will be put on this page in the future. 

Watch this video to find out the results of this exciting project.

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