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The latest edition of our annual report on how New Zealand is dealing with drugs and drug harm is out now.

It pulls together the most recent data from a wide array of sources. We hope it will provide a useful baseline for the public, media, health sector and policy makers to debate and develop the solutions we need to see an Aotearoa free from drug harm.

There are important stories and trends contained in this report that need our urgent attention.  As with every other aspect of our lives in recent years, the story of drugs and drug use in Aotearoa has been coloured by the presence of Covid-19. So we've tried to make it clear when the data may have been affected by lockdowns, border disruptions etc. 

We've tried to extract the most useful data and present it in a way that it's easily understood, but please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions. 


Key facts from State of the Nation 2022

This is our fourth State of the Nation report. You can download the previous editions here:

State of the Nation 2020 [PDF 1.94mb]

State of the Nation 2019 [PDF 3.4mb]

State of the Nation 2018 [PDF 5.4mb]

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