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We all want a happier, healthier, more equal New Zealand. For us, that means treating cannabis use as a health and social issue, not a criminal one.

Most people who use cannabis do so without harm to themselves or others. But for some, cannabis can have a serious negative impact. Those people, and their families, are the ones who deserve our focus. Prohibition has failed them. For too long, we’ve left control of cannabis to the black market, which has not done a good job of protecting our health interests. We want the government to take back control.

At the general election in 2020, we’ll all get to vote on whether cannabis should be legalised and regulated. The Government have released a draft bill that focuses on improving health outcomes and protecting young people, putting controls around use.

Taking Control of Cannabis, published in September 2019, provides our analysis of the Government's initial proposals and discusses key areas we think they should include in the final bill. We recommend a strict model of cannabis regulation that will minimise harm.

Taking control of Cannabis ( PDF 2.8mb )

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