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The NZ Drug Foundation is endorsing a YES Vote at the 2020 Cannabis referendum.

New Zealand is at a watershed moment. The 2020 Cannabis Referendum is our chance to bring cannabis under control. The bill New Zealanders will vote on next year puts in place the safeguards we need.

The Cannabis Control Bill is a step in the right direction. On public health grounds the Drug Foundation is backing a ‘Yes’ vote.

The alternative: leave cannabis in the hands of the black market. 40 years of prohibition have been an abject failure. It is time to take control of cannabis and put in place regulations that put health first. 

Join us in backing a YES vote at the 2020 referendum. Sign up form below.


Looking for more detail? read “Taking control of cannabis”our recommendation on cannabis law reform.

Six  infographics for the Cannabis Control Bill. Each has a tick next to: Taxes go to health and education. All products labelled, potency limited. Police can focus on serious crime. Adult use only, 20+ years. Drug driving is illegal. Govt control IN, black market OUT

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