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Drug information

We believe that access to accurate, clear information is essential if drug problems are to be reduced in the community. Here is some information about common drugs in New Zealand.

Matters of Substance

Matters of Substance cover May 2015
Matters of Substance is the Drug Foundation's quarterly magazine, available to subscribers and our members.

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What’s happening?

Speaker & Soup - 2015 winter talk series

This winter we're again running a series of provocative talks about alcohol and drug policy, with a chance to chat over soup. The third panel discussion will explore the implications of creeping drug testing. Come along, 11.30am Friday 31st July, Drug Foundation office, Wellington. Limited places, find out more.

Support! Don't Punish. in Aotearoa, 26 June 2015

The Drug Foundation has joined a global day of action which invites eveyone to support, not punish, people who use drugs.

Find out how you can take part on Friday 26 June

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