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Matters of Substance article

The Director's Cut

The Drug Foundation's Executive Director Ross Bell argues it's time to change the sluggish Misuse of Drugs Act.

I have some sympathy for the how the Misuse of Drugs Act must feel as it turns 40 this year, having myself experienced that milestone in the recent past.

But while I’m still in my prime [Wishful thinking – editor.], New Zealand’s drug law has long shown serious signs of aging and is now well past its use-by date.

Matters of Substance article

Guest editorial: Equally Well

An initiative to address unequal access to physical health care received by people receiving mental health and addiction treatment is already paying off. Helen Lockett shares what Equally Well is all about and outlines what actions you can take to be part of the solution.

Matters of Substance article

Viewpoints: Looking back to 1975 law reform

Four decades ago, the Bill that would become the Misuse of Drugs Act 1975 was making its way through Parliament. Politicians, experts, commentators and the public were all fervently debating the merits of drug policy and enforcement.

A lot has changed since then. New substances have come and gone, jurisdictions overseas have moved to legalise some drugs, research has changed the way we think about addiction and treatment and a Law Commission report has recommended sweeping changes to the law.

Matters of Substance article

Mythbuster: Is cannabis really 100 times safer than alcohol?

Smoking cannabis is 114 times safer than drinking booze. That’s an attention-grabbing and provocative hook. Many newspapers and websites ran headlines along these lines when they reported new European research comparing the mortality risk of 10 legal and illicit drugs.

Matters of Substance article

Getting the measure of meth, part 3

With a host of agencies diligently working together to tackle New Zealand’s meth problem over the last six years, it’s timely to ask how things are going. Matt Black looks beyond the official statistics, to provide this up-to-the minute report. See Part 1

Matters of Substance article

Straight edge: the discipline

Richie HardcoreThe non-stop rock ’n’ roll party lifestyle often overshadows the music itself. Yet one musical genre explicitly rejects these excesses and offers a haven where drinking and drugs have no place. Richie Hardcore explains what underpins Straight Edge culture and how it’s shaped his life.