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Matters of Substance article

Getting the measure of meth, part 2

With a host of agencies diligently working together to tackle New Zealand’s meth problem over the last six years, it’s timely to ask how things are going. Matt Black looks beyond the official statistics, to provide this up-to-the minute report. See Part 1

Matters of Substance article

Straight edge: the discipline

Richie HardcoreThe non-stop rock ’n’ roll party lifestyle often overshadows the music itself. Yet one musical genre explicitly rejects these excesses and offers a haven where drinking and drugs have no place. Richie Hardcore explains what underpins Straight Edge culture and how it’s shaped his life.

Matters of Substance article

“We’re not here to judge.”

Whole School Series No 1

Aorere College

At Auckland’s Aorere College, it is rare for young people to be permanently kicked out of school for drug-related incidents. Instead, students are supported to change while remaining within the school community. Keri Welham explains.

Matters of Substance article

Dry times

Arid, drought-ridden desert

As well as marking the end of Lent, Easter weekend traditionally marks the beginning of the cannabis harvest in New Zealand. In the weeks leading up to Easter this year, however, pot users were on a fast of their own: there were numerous reports of a nationwide ’cannabis drought’. Cameron Price investigates.

Matters of Substance article

The Director's Cut

The Drug Foundation's Executive Director Ross Bell argues it's time to change the sluggish Misuse of Drugs Act.

I have some sympathy for the how the Misuse of Drugs Act must feel as it turns 40 this year, having myself experienced that milestone in the recent past.

But while I’m still in my prime [Wishful thinking – editor.], New Zealand’s drug law has long shown serious signs of aging and is now well past its use-by date.