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Drug information

We believe that access to accurate, clear information is essential if drug problems are to be reduced in the community. Here is some information about common drugs in New Zealand.

Matters of Substance

Matters of Substance cover May 2015
Matters of Substance is the Drug Foundation's quarterly magazine, available to subscribers and our members.

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What’s happening?

Gang patch mosaic

2015 AGM guest speaker on gangs, on drugs, on politics

The guest speaker at our 2015 AGM is sociologist and columnist Jarrod Gilbert who will address Kiwi gang culture and how it has changed over the years. All welcome.

3-5pm Friday 27 Nov, Details & RSVP.

Banner: Misuse of Drugs Act is 40 years old

#MODA40 - a not so happy birthday

The Misuse of Drugs Act is turning 40. But should we be celebrating? View a snapshot of some of the images, quotes and facts we shared on 10 October 2015. Or see Twitter and Facebook for every pixel we shared.

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