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We take the lead in Aotearoa New Zealand educating, advising and standing up for healthy approaches to alcohol and other drugs.

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The global cannabis policy being developed behind closed doors

In January 2019, the World Health Organisation made a historic recommendation: that cannabis should be rescheduled in the UN global drug treaties to r...

Michael Baker Web

Michael Baker says NZ’s drug policies have hampered Covid response

Professor Baker says the approach to Covid has been undermined by “war on drugs” policies that have fuelled marginalisation and stigma

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Passage of drug checking law a moment to celebrate

A new drug checking law marks a huge moment in the history of preventing drug harm in New Zealand.


Review continues to strengthen the case for decriminalisation

Review of changes to the Misuse of Drugs Act which increased police discretion shows we still haven’t got our drug laws right

Drug Index

We believe that access to accurate, clear information is essential to reduce drug-related harm. This index provides harm reduction advice for drugs that are common in New Zealand.

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