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Get the information and advice you need to sort out your or someone else's alcohol or other drug use.

I need help now
Being Safer
Helping Someone

People use alcohol and other drugs for many reasons - as a way to cope, to self-medicate, or just to be social and have fun. Whatever the reason, there's always a risk of harm. Be knowledgeable and mindful about where things could go wrong.

For people who do experience problems with their drug use, friends, family and whānau are a central support to achieving the change they want. Support is varied and does not mean covering for someone and cleaning up after them, but providing love and care when you can and within the boundaries that you set. 

Preparing students to live in a world where alcohol and drugs exist

We all want young people to succeed. Some young people have challenges that get in the way of their education, and drug and alcohol use is one of these. Schools are people working in this space can help young people by building their knowledge, skills and resilience in relation to making better decisions about alcohol and drugs alongside helping them to shape a positive character. 

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