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This short video about alcohol is for New Zealand parents, caregivers, whānau and those working with young people to understand basic facts about drinking. Don't stop here, start a conversation.

Did you know that teenage bodies handle alcohol differently from adult bodies? They are less sensitive to the physical indicators of being drunk, such as slurring words and swaying. At this point a young person is in the later stages of drunkenness and should be monitored closely. They may need medical help.

For some young people, drinking under supervision can build false confidence, meaning they drink more than they otherwise would in unsupervised and less safe situations. Have a think about the world through their eyes. What do you think they might see as normal behaviour around alcohol?

Comic Alcohol web display

Request printed posters in any language using the Resources order form. This includes the complete Did You Know Conversation Guide which you can also view and download right now:

Drugs and Alcohol Book 2022 update WEB ( PDF 2.7mb )

About Did You Know

These tools and resources were initiated by the Counties Manukau AOD Provider Collaborative and the New Zealand Drug Foundation with support from Odyssey. Expert advice and participation from young people were used in their development. Creative by Mohawk Media and Mōca.

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