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Bath salts, research chemicals, flakka, meow meow  

This large group of new psychoactive substances usually come as a pill, capsule or whitish powder or crystal. They are generally stimulants. There is often little evidence about short or long term effects.

Be advised that these substances are being mis-sold as MDMA (as a pill, capsule or powder) or cocaine which greatly increases the risk of overdose. Common synthetic cathinones include N-ethylpentalone, mephedrone, methylenedioxypyrovalerone (MDPV), methylone, mexedrone, and Alpha PVP..

Synthetics crisis Did You Know - synthetics N-Ethylpentalone warning

Drug Index

We believe that access to accurate, clear information is essential to reduce drug-related harm. This index provides harm reduction advice for drugs that are common in New Zealand.

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Is it time to change your drug use?

Thinking about your drug use can help you decide whether it's time for change.


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