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28 May

Cannabis Control Bill: What it means for medicinal cannabis users - live chat recording


via Zoom

Organiser: NZ Drug Foundation, Auckland Patients Group, Medical Cannabis Awareness New Zealand

#2 in our Live Chat series: New Zealand’s new medicinal cannabis regime came into force last month. However, for most patients, whānau and carers this has not made it easier to legally access products that will reduce suffering and improve quality of life. On 28 May we ran a Live Chat session setting out key new features of the bill, and answering as many questions as we could. View on YouTube 

The painfully slow start has meant products are still expensive and hard to come by. The law promised a lot but has yet to deliver. Therefore medicinal cannabis advocates and patients are turning their attention to the referendum on the Cannabis Legalisation and Control Bill. The new law is seen by many as the only way that many will be able to access the products they need. In order to achieve patient aspirations the referendum has to attract majority support.

Cannabis Control Bill: What it means for patients was presented by: 

  • Rebecca Reider: medicinal cannabis user advocate and Medicinal Cannabis Advisory Group (2019) member
  • Manu Caddie: President of the NZ Medical Cannabis Council, co-founder of Rua Bioscience
  • Pearl Schomburg: Convenor of Auckland Patients Group, medicinal cannabis advocate.
  • Shane Le Brun: Medical Cannabis Awareness founder and coordinator

 Chair: Kali Mercier, Policy & Advocacy Manager, NZ Drug Foundation

Co-hosted by: NZ Drug Foundation, Medical Cannabis Awareness New Zealand and Auckland Patient Group. 

Understanding the Cannabis Control Bill Live Chat series

Wednesday 6 May: An overview of the Cannabis Control Bill [recording]  

Thursday 28 May: What it means for medicinal cannabis users [recording] 

Wednesday 10 June: Māori perspectives on the Cannabis Control Bill [recording]

Wednesday 24 June: Better outcomes for young people? [recording] 

Wednesday 8 July:  The overwhelming case for change - [Registrations open]


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