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The way New Zealand responds to drugs is not keeping up with a changing world. A move to treating drug use as a health issue rather than a criminal one is long overdue. In July 2017 the Drug Foundation released Whakawātea te Huarahi, a bold roadmap for drug law reform in Aotearoa New Zealand.

The model drug law is based on evidence and research from New Zealand and around the world about the best way to reduce the harms caused by both drugs and our current drug law.

‘Whakawātea’ means to clear, free up, cleanse or purify spiritually, while ‘huarahi’ is a pathway, road or track. The title of our model drug law is intended to signify a fresh start for the debate on drug policy and a sense of movement towards a better future.

Our model drug law proposes:

  • Removing criminal penalties for the possession, use and social supply of all drugs
  • Developing a strictly regulated cannabis market
  • Putting more resources into prevention, education and treatment.

The current laws prevent people accessing help when they need it, and they leave thousands every year with a conviction that impacts on employment, relationships and travel. Implementing the model drug law will minimise the harms caused by drug use, while promoting human rights and improving equity for Māori. 

The document is intended to be a conversation starter. We'd love to know what you think - share your feedback.

Download Whakawātea te Huarahi (or order a hardcopy)

Watch an introduction to Whakawātea te Huarahi

Feedback form and more background

So what do you think?

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We want our model drug law to be as good as it can be. Please tell us what you think. Are our proposals workable? What parts would you change and why? Read Article

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Media release: replace drug convictions with health referrals

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