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In October 2018, The Drug Foundation, together with Matua Raki and the Needle Exchange, commissioned an independent economic analysis of our model drug law, Whakawātea te Huarahi

This report, by economic consultants Sense Partners, is still useful because it showed that changing our laws also makes sound economic sense. The report tested the costs and benefits of:

  • Decriminalising the use and possession of all drugs
  • Legalising cannabis
  • Investing more effectively in prevention, education, harm reduction and treatment

The figures showed that drug law reform adds up.

Our full policy is cost-effective, allows people to get the help they need and does not burden them with a drug conviction.

The report confirms that not only can New Zealand create a safer legal system, but the economics stack up. Law reform is the right thing to do - and it will more than pay for itself.

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